Established in 2006

We started in photography and graphics for bands

Taking pictures has always been our passion, we like to be in the middle of the action and take memorable pictures. This is how we do it:

  1. We frame our subjects close and bring the attention to the subject.
  2. Good gear, having a flash during the day adds more light and we like it bright.
  3. We don’t rush our shoots, we storyboard or plan our shots.
  4. Art skills kick in when we frame our shots, we use our design principals.
  5. We appreciate the surrounding and capture things that make it memorable.
  6. The best thing about it, is sometimes we break all the rules above.

Here are some examples of things we have done in the past:

West Hammock


Other People, Christopher Shinn
orangepopmedia6 illustration3
Other People, Christopher Shinn